Gay Porn with Johnny Rapid and Topher Dimaggio

What job could possibly be the most perfect for a voyeur? Why, that would be a hotel receptionist who has access to a system of surveillance cameras in each and every room of the hotel. This is where the latest film, Hotel Surveillance, straight from The Gay Office, begins.

As our two well attired business men walk up to the check-in desk, our receptionist voyeur cannot take his eyes off gay pornstar Topher Dimaggio. Topher is simply gorgeous, a sexy, manly man who also reminds you of the boy next door. His partner, Johnny Rapid is almost as irresistible.

Johnny and Topher collect their room key and are all over each other before they get the door opened. Just as they flow into the room, the receptionist is busy finding the right channel for tonight’s entertainment. Shirts get pulled out of pants, and unbuttoned, to reveal a pair of smooth, well toned chests. Ties get loosened and twisted, while belts become a thing of frustration for just a brief second. Topher works Johnny’s belt while Johnny falls backwards onto the bed. Soon Topher has Johnny’s already firm dick out and in his mouth.

Topher enjoys this fun for a while, and then each of our hunks strip down to their underwear, leaving their tie in place (they are, after all, professional business men). Now it is Johnny’s turn to suck dick, and he thoroughly enjoys Topher’s hard cock for quite a while. He spends a lot of time teasing the long shaft, licking it and deep throating it again and again. Then somehow, Topher removes Johnny’s briefs and begins paying homage to Johnny’s tight asshole. Dimaggio spends a lot of time rimming the tight hole, then slowly enters one finger into the tight space. Camera work gives close up details during this scene. While he fingers Johnny’s ass, Topher strokes his own gay porn dick, getting himself hard and ready for the invasion that is about to happen.

Invasion it is, for sure! First doggy style, then from underneath, then on his back, every which way, Topher and Johnny both bucking like bulls with their balls tied up.
The bed rocks, the noise increases, and the neighbors are sure to be hearing this sexual activity. However, it is the receptionist who gets to witness our two hunks as they climax together in a wild explosion of passion. After this scene the camera pans down to the surveillance camera; which leaves you wondering, why kind of mess lies behind the front counter?

Cockpit part 3 – gay erotic story

j1Have you ever seen Johnny Rapid, the gay porn star? If that hunk ever came near me, I would seduce him; even if I had to trick him into my bedroom. With his cute English accent, handsome face, great body, big dick, and the fact that he is always horny; he is most definitely my kind of man. I saw him recently in a scene from Men of UK where he’s wearing these tight black pants and looking even sexier than usual. In the scene, he’s waiting to board a plane and doesn’t know that the steward and his assistant are planning to seduce him.

The horny steward, Lionel Lilac (who made his debut in Cockpit Part 2), is back again for Part 3. He and his assistant make a bet to find out if Johnny really is packing 8 inches and they plan to set him up to find out. The moment that Johnny sets foot on the plane; they grab him and start to kiss him. He barely has time to exclaim his surprise before he decides to join the mile club and proceeds to start things off with Lionel.

Pretty soon Lionel is sucking Johnny ’s dick, and the steward finds out for himself that Johnny does really have 8 inches of hard cock. He’s down on his knees right in the doorway of the cabin sucking Johnny ‘s dick and licking his nuts. Then, Johnny turns things around and starts pounding Lionel’s ass in a fast and furious fashion.

After a pause, the boys get back to sucking; where Lionel manages to gets all of Johnny ’s eight inches down his throat so deep that his face is pressing against Johnny ’s nuts. The scene switches and Lionel is riding that cock and gets so turned on that he starts pumping his own. Johnny begins to pump harder and faster, which makes Lionel pump his dicks harder and faster as well. Pretty soon he starts shooting his load, with Johnny following his lead soon after; he dumps his load all over the horny steward. This is what I call first class cabin service.